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Intro to Python Programming for Secondary Education, Lawrence

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June 13, 8:30 AM – June 14, 4:00 PM

Presented By: Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education

Location: Lawrence College and Career Center

Address: 2910 Haskell Ave., Lawrence, KS 66044

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Workshop Fee = $20.00 for Two-Day Workshop



  • This workshop will present teaching Python for educators new to programming. Python is a popular and heavily used language in many industries today. Python is an interpretive language and perfectly suited for teaching beginners of all stripes.
  • During this workshop, teachers will walk through all the curriculum and content necessary to teach Python at the secondary level. Many of the assignments will be covered, and an emphasis on teaching teachers to code will be made. Free and open source tools will be used throughout, allowing for an implementation plan to be setup at the end of the workshop.
  • At the end of the workshop, educators will have the opportunity to take a Microsoft Technology Associate Intro to Programming with Python exam.



Mr. Paradise has been teaching at the Lawrence College and Career Center for the last four years. Courses taught include AP Computer Science A, Programming I/II, Robotics, and other Information Technology classes.

Mr. Paradise is an alternatively licensed instructor, with a BS in Computer Science and 20+ years in industry before coming to the classroom. In industry. they focused on Linux and other open source development projects, with work ranging from devops in the field, Tier 3 support, ITO Director, Programmer, and other Unix based jobs. Outside of industry and the classroom, he has volunteered for several charities, running one for 8 years and raising gross revenues over 400%, starting from $20,000 annually.

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Tracey Eagon