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Inventor Level 2, Lawrence, KS

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November 08, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Presented By: Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education

Location: Lawrence College and Career Center

Address: 2910 Haskell Ave., Lawrence, KS 66046

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Workshop Fee = $20.00


Workshop Description:

The inventor Level 2 workshop will expand on creating your own work planes, sweep, rotate, emboss, applying a decal, using constraints, creating assemblies, and drawing sheet metal components. Those who sign up for this workshop should already have a basic knowledge of Inventor.

All participants will receive a flashdrive with helpful .pdfs to use in the classroom as lessons or guide students independently.

  • NOTE:  Participants who choose to use their own laptops must have Inventor preloaded onto them. There are computers available at the workshop for participants to use. A laptop is not required.



Charlie Lauts has taught at Lawrence High School for 31 years. She has taught classes at all levels in CAD, Drafting, Architecture, Engineering and Design/build. She has taught KCCTE workshops for the last 3 years in Inventor, Revit and AutoCAD.

Jim Bonar has taught at Desoto High School for the past 17 years. He has taught classes in woodworking, construction, CAD and Engineering. He has taught KCCTE workshops for the past 2 years in Inventor, Revit and AutoCAD but also has expertise in Fusion 360.

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Tracey Eagon